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IIn-home Workoutf you are like most of the people I know, there is some really interesting piece of equipment laying around in your house or garage.  You know what happens - the stationary bike gets used as a clothes rack; the power bands got packed in a suitcase for a trip and never got unpacked; The bicycles are in the garage, waiting for the tires to be inflated and taken out for a weekend spin.

I encourage you to unearth the fitness treasure that you might have lurking somewhere in your household and begin to use that piece of equipment for the reason it was intended.  Think about the feeling you had when you initially purchased it or received it as a gift.  The piece of equipment represents hope that you can be fit, healthy, strong and pain-free.  The truth is, you can do all those things, with or without the equipment, but since you already own this fabulous treasure (whatever it is) you might as well get some good out of it.  And because you don't even have to leave home to use it, makes it even better.

Having ways of working out at home, as well as the gym, expands your opportunities and makes it more likely that you'll actually get in the exercise that your body really needs.  We think knowing how to workout in any type of scenario will move you toward success.

Here's to hidden fitness treasures!

What type of fitness gear have you purchased then abandoned?  How could that piece of equipment be helpful in your current workout routine?


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