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Integrated Core Training

  • Before you can have mobility and strengty you must attain muscular stability.

    The purpose of this blog post is to explain the 3 different stages of core training, and give a 7 phase framework into which to progress your core training in a safe and effective way. 

Core Muscles










  • 3 Stages of Core Training
    • Core-Stabilization Training-Primarily designed to improve intrinsic stabilization and provide optimum neuromuscular control for the lumbo-pelvic hip complex. No Flexion, Extension, Lateral Flexion or Rotation of the spine in this stage.
    • Core-Strength Training- Isometric stabilization is replaced with dynamic concentric and eccentric activities through the full range of motion. Includes a multi-planar, multi-dimensional progression. Total kinetic chain neuromuscular efficiency is enhanced by providing maximal proprioceptive stimulation.
    • Core-Power Training- Integrates Stabilization and Strength into activity specific progression. Utilizes the entire muscle action spectrum and contraction velocity spectrum. Exercises performed in similar intensity and rate of force production that the individual will be exposed to upon return to their environment (specificity).












The 7 Phases of Integrated Core Training 

Phase Exercise Selection  Sample Exercises Sets/Reps Tempo Rest
1 1-4 stab. exercises *Iso-Ab  *Floor Bridge *Quadruped Opposite *Arm/Leg Raise   1-3 x 10-15 Slow 4/2/1 or 3-10 sec hold 90 sec.
2 1-4 stab. exercises *Prone Iso-Ab w/ Hip Ext.    *Ball DB Bridge  *Ball DB Cobra   1-3 x 12-20 5-10 sec. hold 90 sec.
3 0-4 strength exercises *Ball Crunch  *Ball Back Extension *Cable PNF   2-4 x 8-12 Medium  3/2/1-1/1/1 60 sec.
4 0-4 strength exercises *Back Extensions  *Reverse Crunch *Cable Rotation   2-4 x 8-12 Medium  3/2/1-1/1/1 60 sec.
5 0-4 strength exercises *Cable Lift  *Cable Chop   2-4 x 8-12 Medium  3/2/1-1/1/1 60 sec.
6 0-2 power  exercises *Ball Pullover Throw  *Front Oblique Throw 2-4 x 8-12 As fast as can be controlled  1/1/1   0-90 sec.
7 0-2 power  exercises *OH MB Throw  *Rotation Chest Pass *Back Rotation Throw   2-4 x 8-12 As fast as can be controlled  x/x/x 0-90 sec.



Image: Resourced from "Core Advantage, Core Strength for Cyclings Wining Edge" by Tom Danielson and Allison Westfahl.

NASM, Essentials of Personal Fitness Training (2008)

Clark, M. & Russell, A. Optimum Performance Training for the Performance Enhancement Specialist (3rd Ed.) National Academy of Sports Medicine.


The Integrated Training Series

  1. Integrated Dynamic Fitness Training
  2. Integrated Flexibility Training
  3. Integrated Core Training
  4. Integrated Balance Training
  5. Integrated Plyometric Training
  6. Integrated Speed, Agility, Quickness Training
  7. Integrated Strength Training


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