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People talk about working their "Core Muscles" all the time, but what is the core and how do you work the core effectively. This post will cover core training techniques and summarize how to progress your core work program so that you can make the gains in stability, strength and power that you desire.

Plyometrics, or Reactive Neuromuscular Training, is a popular addition to any workout. By including quick powerful movements involving eccentric contractions immediately followed by an explosive concentric contraction one can enhance neuromuscular efficiency, rate of force production and reduce neuromuscular excitability of the central nervous system. Whether you are a Crossfit superstar, or just a fitness enthusiast, plyometrics can be a good addition to your workout.

Speed, agility, and quickness are some of the most important biomotor skills required to be success in all sports. If you are an athlete, the ability to accelerate, laterally move, and redirect movement in all planes of motion are crucial skills. Whether you are a sprinter, powerlifter, football or soccer player; speed, agility, and quickness training is for you.

Many people know to incorporate cardiovascular exercise and resistance training, but forget about the importance of maintaining their flexibility as they are getting stronger. This post goes through the purpose of flexibility training, some definitions that are important to know about flexibility, and some guidelines to help you address your flexibility issues.

As people age, it is usually not a lack of strength that leads to injury, but rather a loss of balance that can result and a devastating fall. Training for improved balance will equip you to maintain your center of gravity and move more efficiently with minimal risk of injury. Balance training should be a component of any well integrated workout program.

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